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Pack Specialists


Mr. Ackermann & Mr. Valjalo

Erich Ackermann Teacher
Justin Valjalo Teacher

~~~~ Music ~~~~


Chorus begins on Wednesday, August 26 @ 7:30-8:00am in the Chorus Google Classroom.  Students will be invited to the classroom after they register.



Instrumental Music begins on Monday, August, 31.  Students will be invited to the instrumental music classroom after they have registered.

Instrumental Music Registration Link:

~~~~ Visual Arts ~~~~

Mrs. Hitchcock

~~~~ Science ~~~~

Mrs. Starkie

Sherrie Starkie Teacher

~~~~ Performing Arts ~~~~

Mr. Olkowski

Brian Olkowski Teacher

Students in Grades 3rd - 5th can access class information and meeting times by logging into their Google Classroom for Performing Arts. 

~~~~ Library ~~~~

Mrs. Chow

Debbie Chow